After spending the better part of a decade in post-secondary school chasing our dream careers, my wife and I entered the workforce with student loan debt.

A lot of it.

Our liabilities totaling $521,741 at the worst point to be exact.

That’s the bad news.

The good?

In February of 2014, we turned a corner. Since that day, we’ve been working to claw our way out of debt with an aim towards financial independence and early retirement.

Luckily for us, we were able to each secure great jobs that we studied so long and hard to get. My wife working as a dentist, and myself as an engineer.

So here we are to document the journey from being half a million dollars in debt to financially independent before turning 40.

Told from the beginning-ish.


Thank you very much for stopping by. If you’re interested to learn more about us, we explain more of  about our story in the introduction. Our net worth tracker shows a monthly breakdown of our progress toward our goal of financial independence. We’ve also recently talked about what debt is teaching us about wealth and how we are going about paying off over $500,000 in student loan debt. Feel free at any time to contact us or leave a comment if you have a question, feedback, or just want to say hi. We’re glad to to have you here. Thanks for taking the time to read.